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System description   
To offer a platform fully supporting the NRF ARTS data model 6.0 (all the 600+ tables). This platform can run in Web mode, rich client or an app for iPad/Android. It is database agnostic.

The system can be run as a retail data bus or an operational data model. 

The core platform allow the following operations on ALL TABLES: 
1. CRUD operations with data filtering
2. data import/export via text, csv, xml 
3. basic reporting 
4. basic mailing of data object 
5. all previous operations available as UI or Web services 
6. user role, security and auditing 

The data model is completed by ARTS data dictionary for all the available labels and tool tip. It also supports and displays the recommended data type like: 
1. UUID 
2. Percent 
3. Monetary 
4. Quantity 
5. Defined code type when available (Transaction is a type of CONTROL, RETAIL, etc.) 
6. Sequential number based on other fields (sequence number within a business day) 

The UI allows creating all the data you need “on the fly”. You may start with the Transaction form, create a Retail Transaction, create a Retail Transaction Line Item, create an Operator, an Item, Stock Item, Apparel Item, Color and Size… You may do the same to consult or to modify the data. 

The platform is the ground base for add-on modules like: 
1. Master Data Management 
2. BI database/reporting using ARTS BI data model 
3. CRM 
4. Retail data bus 
5. POS 
6. Back Store system 
7. Merchandise system 
8. E-Commerce 

Data standards are used when available: NRF Color & Size codes, ISO, GS1. Other standards to be added later: ARTS XML Schema, ARTS Business Process when available.